Spanien GP 1974

Gran Premio de España 28 April 1974, Jarama

Ronnie Petersons 51:a F1 start. Ronnie börjar komma allt bättre överens med årets Lotusbil och är näst snabbast på träningen. Ronnie står i första startledet tillsammans med Niki Lauda i en Ferrari. Omedelbart bakom - Clay Regazzoni (Ferrari) och mästerskapet ledare Emerson Fittipaldi (McLaren).

Ronnie tar omedelbart täten och leder loppet i 20 varv. Motorn överhettar emellertid i Lotus 76:an och Ronnie tvingas återigen bryta. Istället kan Lauda gå upp i ledning, men redan efter ett par varv blir han av med denna tätposition till Jacky Ickx i en Lotus. Denne har dock kört slut på sina bromsar och bryter loppet efter endast ett varv i ledning, dessutom med ett hjul som inte blivit riktigt fastsatt. Detta betyder att Niki Lauda återigen intar förstaplatsen och med snabbaste varvtid på 1.20,83 kan Lauda vinna tävlingen i ren utklassningsstil - hela 35 sekunder före teamkompisen Clay Regazzoni. Trean Emerson Fittipaldi (McLaren) är ett helt varv efter. Loppet ser följande förare i ledning: Ronnie 1-20; Lauda 21-23, 25-84; Ickx 24.

Efter fyra tävlingar har Ronnie endast lyckats få ihop en ynka poäng. Han har bevisat att han fortfarande tillhör de absolut snabbaste förarna, men det är den nyutvecklade bilen som inte riktigt håller måttet...

Summary in english

There was a gap of a month after the South African Grand Prix and in that period James Hunt surprised everyone with victory in the International Trophy in the new Hesketh. There were other new cars in Spain with Tyrrell producing the first 007 chassis for Jody Scheckter and the first appearance of Chris Amon's AF101, which had been designed by Gordon Fowell. There was also the Ron Tauranac-designed Trojan, entered by Peter Agg's Trojan Engineering of Croydon and driven by Tim Schenken. Shadow decided to hire Brian Redman to replace the late Peter Revson, while at Brabham Richard Robarts's short career ended when Rikki Von Opel arrived with a bigger budget. As a result Mo Nunn's Ensign team was missing.

In qualifying pole position went to
Ronnie Peterson in the Lotus 76 with Niki Lauda's Ferrari alongside on the front row. The second row featured Emerson Fittipaldi in the McLaren and Clay Regazzoni's second Ferrari while Carlos Reutemann was on the third row with Jacky Ickx's Lotus. The top 10 was completed by Denny Hulme (McLaren), Arturo Merzario (showing well again in the Iso-Marlboro), James Hunt (Hesketh) and Scheckter in the Tyrrell. The qualifying was marked by a heavy accident for Vittorio Brambilla in the second factory March although the Italian avoided injury.

It was raining on race day and at the start Peterson took the lead while the rest of the field was lost in a cloud of spray. Lauda and Regazzoni were second and third with Ickx fourth and Fittipaldi fifth. The order remained largely unchanged in the early laps although Fittipaldi's car was misfiring and as the track dried he began to drop back, falling behind Scheckter on lap 11. Soon afterwards the cars began to pit for slick tires. During this period Peterson suffered an engine failure and Ickx's
Lotus dropped away when he set off with a wheel which had not been properly fastened. Lauda and Regazzoni thus took first and second places with Stuck running third. Merzario was fourth but on lap 38 he went off, his car going over the barriers and landing amongst a group of photographers. Fortunately no-one was hurt.

The race was stopped at two hours (six laps short of the intended race distance) and
Ferrari ended the day with a 1-2, with Lauda scoring his first GP victory. Fittipaldi was able to catch and pass Stuck to claim third in the closing laps. Fifth went to Scheckter while Hulme was able to catch and pass Hunt and Redman to grab sixth.

Grand Prix Spanien
Datum 28 April 1974
Bana Jarama
Säsong 1974
Deltävling 4
Längd (km) 3.404
Varv 84
Tid 2:00:29.560
Placering Nr Förare Team Tid Grid
1 12 Niki Lauda Ferrari 2:00:29.560 1
2 11 Clay Regazzoni Ferrari 35.610 3
3 5 Emerson Fittipaldi McLaren +1 varv 4
4 9 Hans-Joachim Stuck March +2 varv 13
5 3 Jody Scheckter Tyrrell +2 varv 9
6 56 Denny Hulme McLaren +2 varv 8
7 16 Brian Redman Shadow +3 varv 21
8 4 Patrick Depailler Tyrrell +3 varv 16
9 33 Mike Hailwood McLaren +3 varv 17
10 24 James Hunt Hesketh +3 varv 10
11 28 John Watson Brabham +4 varv 15
12 15 Henri Pescarolo BRM +4 varv 20
13 18 Carlos Pace Surtees +6 varv 14
r 23 Tim Schenken Trojan +8 varv 25
nc 17 Jean-Pierre Jarier Shadow +11 varv 12
r 26 Graham Hill Lola +41 varv 19
r 20 Arturo Merzario Williams +47 varv 7
r 19 Jochen Mass Surtees +49 varv 18
r 37 Francois Migault BRM +57 varv 22
r 2 Jacky Ickx Lotus +58 varv 5
r 1 Ronnie Peterson Lotus +61 varv 2
r 30 Chris Amon Amon +62 varv 23
r 8 Rikky von Opel Brabham +70 varv 24
r 7 Carlos Reutemann Brabham +72 varv 6
r 14 Jean-Pierre Beltoise BRM +82 varv 11
ns 10 Vittorio Brambilla March    
nq 27 Guy Edwards Lola    
nq 21 Tom Belso Williams    


NC=Not Classified NT=No time set in qualifying R=Retired
EX=Excluded from meeting W=Withdrawn DQ=Disqualified
NS=Did not start NQ=Did not qualify NPQ=Did not pre-qualify

Aktuell ställning

Position Förare Nation Poäng
1 Clay Regazzoni CH 16
2 Niki Lauda AUT 15
3 Emerson Fittipaldi BRA 13
4 Denny Hulme NZ 10
5 Carlos Reutemann ARG 9
" Mike Hailwood GBR 9

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