Spanien GP 1972


Gran Premio de España 1 Maj 1972, Jarama

Ronnie Peterson i sin 23:e F1 start. Under tidsträningen har Ronnie problem med växlingsmekanismen och lyckas endast få nionde bästa kvaltid, precis före Reine Wisell. Ickx står i "pole" före Hulme och Fittipaldi. 

Ronnie får en mycket olycklig start och blir påkörd av ett antal bilar så att han spinner. Efter det första varvet är det endast Hill som är efter honom. Under de följande tio varven avancerar dock Ronnie tio placeringar och efter ytterligare fem så kan han passera Reine som har fått problem med växlarna. Då upptäcker Ronnie att han är alldeles blöt av bensin. En av bränsletankarna har fått en läcka efter startkraschen och Ronnie beslutar sig för att gå in i depå och avbryta loppet.

Ronnies March med skadad nos!

Fittipaldi i en Lotus vinner, Jacky Ickx i en Ferrari slutar tvåa för Clay Regazzoni (Ferrari) på den tredje pallplatsen.

Snabbaste varv har Ickx med 1.21,01 och loppet har sett följande ledare; Hulme 1-4; Stewart 5-8; Fittipaldi 9-90.

Summary in english

There was a full two month gap between the South African and Spanish GPs and in that time there were no fewer than three non-championship races although Tyrrell and Ferrari missed all of them. The Race of Champions at Brands Hatch (a mixed F1/F5000 event) was won by Team Lotus's Emerson Fittipaldi. Two weeks later Carlos Reutemann won the Brazilian GP at Interlagos for Brabham after Fittipaldi retired. The International Trophy at Silverstone was another F1/F5000 affair which was won by Fittipaldi. The message was that Team Lotus was back on track after wasting its effort in 1971 with the gas turbine car. The entry was much as expected although Brabham was running Wilson Fittipaldi instead of Carlos Reutemann, as the Argentine having broken his ankle after a mechanical failure on his Rondel Racing Formula 2 Brabham at Thruxton launched the car into a roll. It was the first time in World Championship history that two brothers had raced together.

In qualifying Jacky Ickx was fastest for Ferrari, sharing the front row with Denny Hulme (McLaren) and Emerson Fittipaldi. Jackie Stewart (Tyrrell) was on the second row with Mario Andretti (Ferrari) while the third row consisted of Chris Amon (Matra), Jean-Pierre Beltoise (BRM) and Clay Regazzoni (Ferrari)

It was dull and overcast on race day and Hulme went into the lead ahead of Stewart and fast-starting Regazzoni. Then came Ickx and Fittipaldi. After only a handful of laps Hulme began to have gearbox trouble and was overtaken by Stewart and then Ickx and Fittipaldi (who had both passed Regazzoni) and by Regazzoni himself. In the excitement to get past Hulme, Ickx stumbled and so Fittipaldi got ahead of him as well and three laps later he was able to pass Stewart to take the lead. It looked easy but in fact Fittipaldi was not having an easy time as there had been a fuel leak in his cockpit before the start and then his onboard fire extinguisher had gone off unexpectedly during the second lap.

Stewart dropped behind Ickx a few laps later an the order stabilized. Fourth-placed Hulme went out on lap 48 with an engine failure, which moved Regazzoni up and then Stewart retired on lap 70 when he made a mistake and spun off into the barriers, leaving Regazzoni to inherit third place behind Fittipaldi and Ickx. Andrea de Adamich did a good job to finish fourth in his Surtees with Revson fifth and Williams's promising new boy Carlos Pace sixth in only his second Grand Prix.

Grand Prix Spanien
Datum 1 maj 1972
Bana Jarama
Säsong 1972
Deltävling 3
Längd (km) 3.404
Varv 90
Time 2:03:41.230
Placering Nr Förare Team Tid Grid
1 5 Emerson Fittipaldi Lotus 2:03:41.230 3
2 4 Jacky Ickx Ferrari 18.920 1
3 6 Clay Regazzoni Ferrari +1 varv 8
4 26 Andrea de Adamich Surtees +1 varv 13
5 20 Peter Revson McLaren +1 varv 11
6 29 Carlos Pace March +1 varv 16
7 22 Wilson Fittipaldi Brabham +2 varv 14
8 12 Tim Schenken Surtees +2 varv 18
r 21 Dave Walker Lotus +3 varv 24
10 18 Graham Hill Brabham +4 varv 23
11 14 Henri Pescarolo March +4 varv 19
r 1 Jackie Stewart Tyrrell +21 varv 4
r 9 Chris Amon Matra +24 varv 6
r 3 François Cevert Tyrrell +25 varv 12
r 8 Peter Gethin BRM +25 varv 21
r 11 Denny Hulme McLaren +42 varv 2
r 25 Howden Ganley BRM +52 varv 20
r 10 Reine Wisell BRM +66 varv 10
r 7 Mario Andretti Ferrari +67 varv 5
r 15 Mike Hailwood Surtees +70 varv 15
r 2 Ronnie Peterson March +74 varv 9
r 16 Rolf Stommelen March +75 varv 17
r 19 Jean-Pierre Beltoise BRM +81 varv 7
r 24 Niki Lauda March +83 varv 25
r 28 Alex Soler-Roig BRM +84 varv 22
nq 23 Mike Beuttler March    


NC=Not Classified NT=No time set in qualifying R=Retired
EX=Excluded from meeting W=Withdrawn DQ=Disqualified
NS=Did not start NQ=Did not qualify NPQ=Did not pre-qualify

Aktuell ställning

Position Förare Nation Poäng
1 Denny Hulme NZ 15
" Emerson Fittipaldi BRA 15
3 Jacky Ickx BEL 10
4 Jackie Stewart GBR 9
5 Clay Regazzoni CH 7
6 Peter Revson USA 6

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