Wigéric av Lorraine
född 870, död 919
Wigéric av Lorraine
f. 870
Ardennes, Vallonien, Belgien

d. 919
Ardennes, Vallonien, Belgien

Greve av Lorraine 916-919

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Wigéric av Lorraine, född 870 i Ardennes, Vallonien, Belgien, död 919 i Ardennes, Vallonien, Belgien. Greve av Lorraine 916-919.

Married in 909 to Kunigunde av FRANKEN 890-950 with
M Adalbero av METZ 907-962
M Gozlin av VERDUN 911-942
M Frederick av LORRAINE 912-978
M Siegfried av LUXEMBOURG 919-998

Wigeric was the count of the Bidgau and held the rights of a count within the city of Trier. He received also the advocacy of the Abbey of Saint Rumbold at Mechelen from Charles III of France. From 916, he was the count palatine of Lotharingia. He was the founder of the House of Ardennes. At the death of Louis the Child, the Lotharingians rejected the suzerainty of Conrad I and elected Charles of France as their king. At the time, the military authority in Lotharingia was assigned to Count Reginar I of Hainaut (died 915), but at his death it fell to Wigeric, who became count palatine, exercising as such the military authority in Lotharingia.

Wigeric founded the monastery of Hastičre (French: L'abbaye d'Hastičre) now in Hastičre-par-delŕ of which he also assumed the advocacy. There is no historical trace of Wigeric after 919: he probably died between 916 and 919, and was buried in the monastery of Hastičre

Gift med
Kunigunde av Franken, född 890 i Paris, Ile-de-France, Frankrike, död 950 i Ardennes, Vallonien, Belgien.

Siegfried av Luxembourg, född 919, död 998-10-28

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