Julia Marmaea av Emesa
född 25, död 90
Julia Marmaea av Emesa
f. 25
Emesa, Homs, Syrien

d. 90
Pontus, Anatolia, Amasya, Turkiet

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Sampsiceramus II av Emesa

f. -19
Emesa, Homs, Syrien
d. 42
Emesa, Homs, Syrien

Iamblichus II av Emesa

f. -44 Emesa, Homs, Syrien
d. 14 Emesa, Homs, Syrien
Priest King of Emesa 20 BC - 14 AD
Iamblichus av Emesa
f. -69
Iotapa av Commagene

f. -15

d. 40
Emesa, Homs, Syrien

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Julia Marmaea av Emesa, född 25 i Emesa, Homs, Syrien, död 90 i Pontus, Anatolia, Amasya, Turkiet.

Julia Mamaea was a princess from the Syrian Roman Client Emesene Kingdom. Mamaea was a monarch of Assyrian, Armenian, Greek and Median ancestry. The name Mamaea is a name of Semitic origins, while her first name Julia refers to her being as a Roman citizen.

She was a daughter and one of the four children born to the Priest King Sampsiceramus II, who ruled the Emesene Kingdom from 14 until 42 and his wife, Queen Iotapa. She had two brothers: Azizus and Sohaemus who served as Emesene Priest Kings, and had a sister called Iotapa who married the Herodian Prince Aristobulus Minor. Her paternal grandfather was the former Emesene Priest King Iamblichus II, while her maternal grandparents were the former Commagenean Monarchs Mithridates III of Commagene and his cousin-wife Iotapa. She was born and raised in Emesa, Syria.

In the city of Laodicea Catacecaumene an Imperial Freedman Procurator called Glycerinus who had associations with the Imperial estates in the city had set up and dedicated an inscription to Julia Mamaea. This inscription is dated before the reign of the Roman emperor Hadrian, who reigned from 117 until 138. After this moment, no more is known of Mamaea.

Married in 53 to Polemon II av PONTUS -11-74 with
M Polemon Zenon av ANTONII 54-101
M Rhoemetalces av ANTONII 57-102

Gift med
Polemon II av Pontus, född -11 i Pontus, Anatolia, Amasya, Turkiet, död 74 i Pontus, Anatolia, Amasya, Turkiet. Roman Client King of Pontus.

Polemon Zenon av Antonii, född 54, död 101

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