Adelphius av Clodii
född 300, död 361
Adelphius av Clodii
f. 300
Roma, Lazio, Italien

d. 361
Roma, Lazio, Italien

Praefectus urbi of Rome in 351

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Celsinus IV av Clodii

f. 275
Roma, Lazio, Italien
d. 320
Roma, Lazio, Italien

Celsinus III av Clodii

f. 245 Roma, Lazio, Italien
d. 295 Roma, Lazio, Italien

Celsinus II av Clodii
f. 210 Roma, Lazio, Italien
Laberia Pompeiana av Laberii
f. 225 Roma, Lazio, Italien
Demetrias av Demitrii

f. 280
Roma, Lazio, Italien
d. 335
Roma, Lazio, Italien

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Adelphius av Clodii, född 300 i Roma, Lazio, Italien, död 361 i Roma, Lazio, Italien. Praefectus urbi of Rome in 351.

Clodius Celsinus Adelphius was a politician of the Roman Empire. Before 333, Adelphius was corrector of Apulia et Calabria, with the see of his office at Beneventum, where he was a patron too.

In 351 he was proconsul of an unknown province, probably Africa, and from 7 June to 18 December 351 he is attested as praefectus urbi of Rome, under the usurper Magnentius. In this period he was accused by some Dorus of conspiring against Magnentius; it is probable that this accusation was true, as shown by the fact that Proba wrote a poem celebrating Emperor Constantius II's victory over the usurper.

His wife converted to Christianity after 353, and later Adelphius probably converted too. He probably dedicated a column and altare majus S. Anastasiae, near the main altar of the church of Sant'Anastasia, or that was his and his wife's funerary inscription.

Married to Proba av PETRONII 306-358 with
M Olybrius av CLODII 325-389
M Alypius av CLODII 327-398
F Adelphia av CLODII 330-395

Gift med
Proba av Petronii, född 306 i Roma, Lazio, Italien, död 358 i Roma, Lazio, Italien. Latin Roman Christian Poet. Begravd i Basilica di Sant'Anastasia al Palatino, Roma, Italien.

Olybrius av Clodii, född 325, död 389

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