Appianus av Valerii
född -45, död -12
Appianus av Valerii
f. -45
Roma, Lazio, Italien

d. -12
Roma, Lazio, Italien

Consul of the Roman Empire in 12 BC

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Appianus av Valerii, född -45 i Roma, Lazio, Italien, död -12 i Roma, Lazio, Italien. Consul of the Roman Empire in 12 BC.

Marcus Valerius Messalla Appianus was a Roman Senator who served as a consul in the Roman Empire.

Not much is known on his family background and early life. Appianus may have been the son of the consul of 38 BC, Appius Claudius Pulcher] by an unnamed wife. He was probably adopted by Marcus Valerius Messalla, the suffect consul of 32 BC, so thus becoming Marcus Valerius Messalla Barbatus Appianus.

Appianus served as a Quaestor in the army of the Roman Triumvir Mark Antony. After this moment, little is known on his remaining political career except that he served as a consul in 12 BC. Not so long after in serving his consulship, Appianus died.

Married in -24 to Marcella Minor av CLAUDII -40-25 with
F Claudia Pulchra av VALERII -14-26
M Messalla av VALERII -13-21

Gift med
Marcella Minor av Claudii, född -40 i Roma, Lazio, Italien, död 25 i Roma, Lazio, Italien.

Claudia Pulchra av Valerii, född -14, död 26

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