Odo av Wetterau
född 895, död 949-12-02
Odo av Wetterau
f. 895
Wetterau, Hessen, Tyskland

d. 949-12-02
Wetterau, Hessen, Tyskland

Greve av Wetterau 914-949

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Gebhard av Lahngau

f. 867
Lahngau, Hessen, Tyskland
d. 910-06-22
Augsburg, Schwaben, Bayern, Tyskland
Hertig av Lorraine

Udo av Lahngau

f. 836 Lahngau, Hessen, Tyskland
d. 895 Lahngau, Hessen, Tyskland
Greve av Lahngau
Gebhard av Lahngau
f. 810 Lahngau, Hessen, Tyskland
Wartrun av Nordgau
f. 820 Oberpfalz, Bayern, Tyskland



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Odo av Wetterau, född 895 i Wetterau, Hessen, Tyskland, död 949-12-02 i Wetterau, Hessen, Tyskland. Greve av Wetterau 914-949.

In 914, Odo was appointed Count of Wetterau and founded St. Mary's Church in Wetzlar. The Wetterau had been one of the counties of his father Gebhard, and Odo also acquired two other counties that had been his: Rheingau in 917 and Lahngau in 918.

Odo is best known for the Battle of Andernach on 2 October 939. The rebellious dukes Gilbert II of Maasgau and Eberhard of Franconia had looted the counties of Odo and his nephew Conrad (Count of Lower Lahngau) east of the Rhine. Their force was so great that Odo and Conrad could not resist them. But when the insurgents crossed the Rhine again at Andernach to return to Lorraine, Odo and Conrad had a chance. Gilbert and Eberhard were still at their rear on the eastern shore when the bulk of the army had made the crossing. At that moment Odo and Conrad fell and defeated the troops who were left behind. Eberhard was thereby slain and Gilbert drowned when he tried to flee on the Rhine. The rebellion was thus broken and Emperor Otto I the Great could easily recover his authority.

Odo thus became a favorite of Otto: at the death of Conrad (949), he was also appointed Count of Lower Lahngau.

Gift med
Cunigunda av Vermandois, född 890 i Saint-Quentin, Aisne, Picady, Frankrike, död 945 i Wetterau, Hessen, Tyskland. Grevinna av Wetterau 914-945.

Herbert av Wetterau, född 930, död 992

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