Charibert av Hesbaye
född 555, död 636
Charibert av Hesbaye
f. 555
Tongeren, Limburg, Hesbaye, Belgien

d. 636
Tongeren, Limburg, Hesbaye, Belgien

Greve av Hesbaye 600-636

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Charibert av Hesbaye, född 555 i Tongeren, Limburg, Hesbaye, Belgien, död 636 i Tongeren, Limburg, Hesbaye, Belgien. Greve av Hesbaye 600-636.

Hesbaye (French) or Haspengouw (Dutch) (Latinized as Hesbania in medieval documents), is a geophysical region in Belgium, spanning the provinces of eastern Flemish Brabant and Walloon Brabant, southern Limburg and the northwestern part of the province of Liège.

The Limburgish portion consists the cities of Tongeren, Sint-Truiden, Bilzen and Borgloon, the Flemish Brabant portion includes Tienen, Landen and Zoutleeuw, the Walloon Brabant portion includes Jodoigne and in Liège the towns Hannut and Waremme.

Geographically, Hesbaye borders on two similar regions of rolling hills: Condroz to the south, and Hageland to the west. To the north is borders on the flat sandy Campine (Dutch Kempen) region, and to the east it borders on the valley of the Meuse (Dutch Maas) river.

Charibert de Haspengau, possibly a count. Charibert is described as Charibert nobilis in Neustria in Europäische Stammtafeln. No other information is available other than descriptions of his grandchildren (e.g., Lambertus, Bishop of Lyon), who are described as having "high rank and worthy of significant positions" within the palace. He is the earliest known ancestor of Hugh Capet.

Gift med

Chrodebert I av Hesbaye, född 592, död 650

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