Atilia av Atilii
född -90, död -35
Atilia av Atilii
f. -90
Roma, Lazio, Italie

d. -35
Roma, Lazio, Italie

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Atilius Serranus av Atilii

f. -120
Roma, Lazio, Italien
d. -87
Roma, Lazio, Italien

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Atilia av Atilii, född -90 i Roma, Lazio, Italie, död -35 i Roma, Lazio, Italie.

Atilia was first wife of Marcus Porcius Cato Uticencis whom he married about 73 BC, after his intended wife, Aemilia Lepida, married Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius Scipio Nasica.

Atilia was the first woman with whom he had sex, but not the only one, as was true of Laelius, the friend of Scipio Africanus; Laelius, indeed, was more fortunate, since in the course of his long life he only ever made love to one woman, the wife of his youth.

Cato and Atilia had a son, Marcus Porcius Cato who later died in the second Battle of Philippi, and a daughter Porcia Catonis who became the wife of her cousin Marcus Junius Brutus.

Circa 63 BC, Cato divorced Atilia on the grounds of adultery (she was rumoured to have been one of the many lovers of Julius Caesar).

Married in -73 to Cato Minor av PORCII -95--46 with
M Marcus Cato av PORCII -73--42
F Porcia Catonis av PORCII -72--43

Gift med
Cato Minor av Porcii, född -95 i Roma, Lazio, Italien, död -46 i Utica, Tunisien.

Porcia Catonis av Porcii, född -72, död -43

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