Denter av Caecilii
född -325, död -270
Denter av Caecilii
f. -325
Roma, Lazio, Italien

d. -270
Roma, Lazio, Italien

Consul of the Roman Republic in 284 BC

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Denter av Caecilii, född -325 i Roma, Lazio, Italien, död -270 i Roma, Lazio, Italien. Consul of the Roman Republic in 284 BC.

Lucius Caecilius Metellus Denter was consul in 284 BC, and praetor the year after. In this capacity he fell in the war against the Senones, and was succeeded by Manius Curius Dentatus.

Fischer, in his Römische Zeittafeln, has him as praetor and also dying in 285 BC, and in the year following he has him again as consul. Drumann denies the identity of the consul and the praetor, on the ground that it was not customary for a person to hold the praetorship the year after his consulship; but examples of such a mode of proceeding do occur, so Drumann's objection fails.

Married to Barsine av MAKEDONIEN -320--255 with
F Metella Macedonica av CAECILII -302--250
M Metellus av CAECILII -290--221

Gift med
Barsine av Makedonien, född -320, död -255 i Roma, Lazio, Italien.

Metellus av Caecilii, född -290, död -221
Metella Macedonica av Caecilii, född -302, död -250

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