Chrodoara av Franken
född 560, död 634
Chrodoara av Franken
f. 560
Schwaben, Tyskland

d. 634
Amay, Liège, Belgien

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Chrodoara av Franken, född 560 i Schwaben, Tyskland, död 634 i Amay, Liège, Belgien.

Born in 560 - Schwaben, Tyskland
Deceased 23 October 634 - Amay, Liège, Belgien, aged 74 years old
Buried - Saint George, Amay, Liège, Belgien

Married to Bodegisel av SOISSONS 555-588 with
M Arnulf av METZ 582-640

Saint Chrodoara was a Merovingian noblewoman and traditionally the foundress of the Abbey of Amay.

She was probably married to Bodegisel and was widowed around 589. After the death of her husband she moved to Amay and devoted her wealth and her time to the church and works of charity.

She was buried in the Church of Saint George in Amay. The church is now called "Saint George and Saint Ode", where Ode or Oda, the name dating from the eleventh century, is identified as Chrodoara.

In 1977 Chrodoara's sarcophagus was discovered in the choir of the Church of Saint George and Saint Ode. On the cover she is depicted as an abbess holding a staff. However, although she was a patron and benefactor of the abbey she apparently was not an abbess.

Gift med
Bodegisel av Soissons, född 555 i Soissons, Aisne, Picardie, Frankrike, död 588 i Kartago, Tunisien.

Arnulf av Metz, född 582-08-13, död 640-07-18

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