Liudolf av Sachsen
född 810, död 866
Liudolf av Sachsen
f. 810
Niedersachsen, Tyskland

d. 866
Bad Gandersheim, Niedersachsen, Tyskland

Hertig av Sachsen 844-866

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Liudolf av Sachsen, född 810 i Niedersachsen, Tyskland, död 866 i Bad Gandersheim, Niedersachsen, Tyskland. Hertig av Sachsen 844-866. Buried - Kloster Brunshausen, Bad Gandersheim, Niedersachsen, Tyskland.

Married to Oda av BILLUNG 825-913 with
F Liutgard av SACHSEN 845-885
M Bruno av SACHSEN 849-880
M Otto av SACHSEN 851-912

The Ottonian dynasty was a Saxon dynasty of German monarchs (919–1024), named after its first Emperor Otto I, but also known as the Saxon dynasty after the family's origin in the German stem duchy of Saxony. The family itself is also sometimes known as the Liudolfings (Liudolfinger), after its earliest known member Count Liudolf and one of its primary leading-names. The Ottonian rulers were successors of the Carolingian dynasty in East Francia.

In the 9th century, the Saxon count Liudolf held large estates on the Leine river west of the Harz mountain range and in the adjacent Eichsfeld territory of Thuringia. His ancestors probably acted as ministeriales in the Saxon stem duchy, which had been incorporated into the Carolingian Empire after the Saxon Wars of Charlemagne.

Liudolf married Oda, a member of the Frankish House of Billung. About 852 the couple together with Bishop Altfrid of Hildesheim founded Brunshausen Abbey, which, relocated to Gandersheim, rose to a family monastery and burial ground.

Liudolf already held the high social position of a Saxon dux, documented by the marriage of his daughter Liutgard with Louis the Younger, son of the Carolingian king Louis the German in 869. Liudolf's sons Bruno and Otto the Illustrious ruled over large parts of Saxon Eastphalia, moreover, Otto acted as lay abbot of the Imperial abbey of Hersfeld with large estates in Thuringia.

Gift med
Oda av Billung, född 825 i Niedersachsen, Tyskland, död 913-05-17 i Bad Gandersheim, Niedersachsen, Tyskland. Hertiginna av Sachsen 844-866. Buried - Kloster Brunshausen, Bad Gandersheim, Niedersachsen, Tyskland.

Otto av Sachsen, född 851, död 912-11-30

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