Lambert av Hesbaye
född 610, död 652
Lambert av Hesbaye
f. 610
Tongeren, Limburg, Hesbaye, Belgien

d. 652
Tongeren, Limburg, Hesbaye, Belgien

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Chrodebert I av Hesbaye

f. 592
Tongeren, Limburg, Hesbaye, Belgien
d. 650
Tongeren, Limburg, Hesbaye, Belgien
Biskop av Tours 660-695

Charibert av Hesbaye

f. 555 Tongeren, Limburg, Hesbaye, Belgien
d. 636 Tongeren, Limburg, Hesbaye, Belgien
Greve av Hesbaye 600-636





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Lambert av Hesbaye, född 610 i Tongeren, Limburg, Hesbaye, Belgien, död 652 i Tongeren, Limburg, Hesbaye, Belgien.

Lambert is identified as a noblilis in Neustria, son of Chrodbert I and father of Chrodbert II in Europäische Stammtafeln, and as such, is a direct ancestor of the Robertians. Brother to Angadrisma, he is sometimes confused with their cousin and her mentor Lambert.

The name of Lambert’s wife may have been Chrotlind of unknown parentage. They had the following children: Robert II, Lord Chancellor of France Theodard, Bishop of Maastricht-Liège

Because of his family, Lambert probably held a position in the royal court, but the precise nature of this is unknown. He is sometimes referred to as Lambert I to distinguish him from his descendent Lambert (II), Count of Hesbaye.

Gift med

Chrodobert II av Hesbaye, född 635, död 705

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