Publius Crassus av Licinii
född -243, död -183
Publius Crassus av Licinii
f. -243
Roma, Lazio, Italien

d. -183
Roma, Lazio, Italien

Consul of the Roman Empire in 205 BC

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Publius Crassus av Licinii, född -243 i Roma, Lazio, Italien, död -183 i Roma, Lazio, Italien. Consul of the Roman Empire in 205 BC.

Publius Licinius Crassus Dives Pontifex Maximus was a handsome, amiable man of a distinguished plebeian family, who rose relatively young to the position of Pontifex Maximus (chief priest of Rome) before he had been elected curule aedile.

He was consul in 205 BC with Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus (Scipio Africanus Major); he was also Pontifex Maximus since 213 or 212 BC (until his death), and held several other important positions. Licinius Crassus is mentioned several times (sometimes as Licinius Crassus or as Publius Crassus) in Livy's Histories. He is first mentioned in connection with his surprising election as Pontifex Maximus, and then several times since in various other capacities.

Crassus Agelastus av Licinii, född -190, död -120

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