Peder Christiernsen Skram, til Urup
född 1503-07-00, död 1581-07-11
Peder Christiernsen Skram, til Urup
f. 1503-07-00
Urup, Jylland, Horsens
d. 1581-07-11
Urup, Østbirk, Horsens
Riksråd, amiral

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Peder Christiernsen Skram, til Urup, född 1503-07-00 i Urup, Jylland, Horsens, Danmark, död 1581-07-11 i Urup, Østbirk, Horsens, Danmark. Riksråd, amiral. Även känd som "Danmarks våghals".

Peder Skram (born about 1503 - July 11, 1581). Board of Governors, Admiral. Married to Elsebeth, who was a daughter of Rigmarian Tyge Crab. During their long marriage, Peder Skram and Elsebe Krabbe received a total of 18 children; 7 sons and 11 daughters. Three of the daughters died at birth and only one of the sons and seven of the daughters survived their parents. Alone in 1566, four of their sons died. Participated with Henrik Gøje in the field in Sweden and saved at Uppsala Mogens Gyldenstierne. When Christian 2. was expelled, Peder Skram was at the siege of Copenhagen in 1523. In 1532, he sailed with a small navy to Norway to find Christian 2's 5 ships. These brought him at Tønsberg and rescued Mogens Gyldenstier in Akershus. Duke Christian sent him at the request of Gustav Vasa to Stockholm in 1535 to command the Swedish Navy, which, together with Danish and Prussian ships, would break Lübeck's power. Became a leader of all naval wards, assisted by the Swedish admiral Per Månsson. After killing the opponent's fleet at Bornholm, he continued to Lillebælt, where he destroyed some hostile ships. By doing so, he secured Johan Rantza's transfer of troops to Zealand after the victory in the Battle of Øksnebjerg. Peder Skram then entered Langeland and Korsør. From July 1535 he blocked the fleet Copenhagen and Malmö. He was injured but returned to the blockade and participated in surrender on July 29, 1536. At Christian 3's coronation in 1537 he was turned into a knight and in 1539 admitted to the council. When the Nordic Seven-Year War broke out, he had command of the Danish Navy. Laholm Lensman from 1558 (the charge) - He hit several enemy attacks back in 1565 and 1568. He himself owned the manor Urup and got in 1536 Harritsborg County, which he later exchanged with Helsingborg Len. Peder Skram was written in 1548 to Helsingborg Len and Landskrone castle, and he laid the foundation stone of Landskrone castle in 1549.

Gift med
Elsebet Tygesdatter Krabbe af Østergaard, til Skedal , född 1514-04-12 i Helsingborgs slott, Helsingborg, död 1578-03-08 i Laholm. Dotter till Tyge Mogensen Krabbe af Østergaard och Anne Nielsdatter Rosenkrantz.

Karen Pedersdatter, född 1544, död 1625-11-20

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