Berthold av Schweinfurt
född 945, död 980-01-15
Berthold av Schweinfurt
f. 945
Schweinfurt, Bayern, Tyskland

d. 980-01-15
Schweinfurt, Bayern, Tyskland

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Berthold av Schweinfurt, född 945 i Schweinfurt, Bayern, Tyskland, död 980-01-15 i Schweinfurt, Bayern, Tyskland.

Berthold was first mentioned as a count in 941. In 960, he was mentioned as count in the Radenzgau. In 961, he appears as count on the lower Raab and in 973 as count in the Volkfeld shire. After successful battles in Bohemia and Hungary, he is named as margrave in 976. In 980, he appears as count in eastern Franconia.

The Comes Bertholdus who was mentioned in 941, was tasked by Emperor Otto I with guarding Count Lothar of Walbeck, who had been taken prisoner. Lothar was pardoned the following year, and Berthold married his daughter Eilika.

In 964, Berthold was tasked by Otto with guarding another prisoner, King Berengar II of Italy, who was kept prisoner in Bamberg. In 973, Berthold participated in the ousting of the rebellious Henry II, Duke of Bavaria.

Gift med
Eilika av Walbeck, född 950 i Walbeck, Oebisfelde-Weferlingen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Tyskland, död 1015-08-29 i Schweinfurt, Bayern, Tyskland.

Henry av Schweinfurt, född 970, död 1017-09-18

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