Henry av Schweinfurt
född 970, död 1017-09-18
Henry av Schweinfurt
f. 970
Schweinfurt, Bayern, Tyskland

d. 1017-09-18
Schweinfurt, Bayern, Tyskland

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Berthold av Schweinfurt

f. 945
Schweinfurt, Bayern, Tyskland
d. 980-01-15
Schweinfurt, Bayern, Tyskland

Eilika av Walbeck

f. 950
Walbeck, Oebisfelde-Weferlingen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Tyskland
d. 1015-08-29
Schweinfurt, Bayern, Tyskland

Lothar II av Walbeck

f. 920 Walbeck, Oebisfelde-Weferlingen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Tyskland
d. 986 Walbeck, Oebisfelde-Weferlingen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Tyskland
Greve av Walbeck
Lothar I av Walbeck
f. 890 Walbeck, Oebisfelde-Weferlingen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Tyskland
Mathilde av Arneburg

f. 930 Arneburg, Stendal, Sachsen-Anhalt, Tyskland
d. 985 Walbeck, Oebisfelde-Weferlingen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Tyskland
Grevinna av Walbeck
Bruno av Arneburg
f. 900 Arneburg, Stendal, Sachsen-Anhalt, Tyskland
Frederuna av Harzgau
f. 910 Quedlinburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Tyskland
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Henry av Schweinfurt, född 970 i Schweinfurt, Bayern, Tyskland, död 1017-09-18 i Schweinfurt, Bayern, Tyskland.

Married to Gerberga av WETTERAU 975-1036 with
M Otto III av SCHWEINFURT 998-1057
F Eilika av SCHWEINFURT 1000-1056
F Judith av SCHWEINFURT 1002-1058

Henry of Schweinfurt was the Margrave of the Nordgau from 994 until 1004. He was called the "glory of eastern Franconia" by his own cousin, the chronicler Thietmar of Merseburg.

Henry held a succession of countships after his father's Death. He was appointed marchio, like his father, of the Bavarian Nordgau in 994. In 1003, he revolted against Henry II of Germany claiming that he had been promised the Duchy of Bavaria in return for his support. The king said that the Bavarians had a right to elect their own duke. Henry allied with Boleslaus I of Poland and Boleslaus III of Bohemia. Nevertheless, his rebellion was quashed and he himself was briefly captive. The king established the Diocese of Bamberg to prevent any further uprisings in the region. The new diocese took over the secular authority of the margrave in the region of the Bavarian Nordgau.

Finally, it was only the joint persuasion of both his saecular and ecclesiastical overlords, Bernard I, Duke of Saxony, and Tagino, Archbishop of Magdeburg, that reconciled him to Henry in 1004. Henry of Schweinfurt did subsequently gain new and old countships before his death in 1017. He was buried at Schweinfurt.

Gift med
Gerberga av Wetterau, född 975 i Wetterau, Hessen, Tyskland, död 1036 i Schweinfurt, Bayern, Tyskland.

Eilika av Schweinfurt, född 1000, död 1056-12-10

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