Adalrich av Alsace
född 635, död 690-02-20
Adalrich av Alsace
f. 635
Dijon, Côte d'Or, Bourgogne, Frankrike

d. 690-02-20
Alsace-Champagne, Frankrike

Hertig av Alsace 675-690

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Adalrich av Alsace, född 635 i Dijon, Côte d'Or, Bourgogne, Frankrike, död 690-02-20 i Alsace-Champagne, Frankrike. Hertig av Alsace 675-690. Buried - Mont Sainte-Odile Abbey, Alsace-Champagne, Frankrike.

Married to Berswinda av AUTUN 645-689 with
F Odile av ALSACE 662-720
M Adalbert av ALSACE 665-722

Adalrich (also known as Eticho) was the Duke of Alsace and the founder of the family of the Etichonids and of the Habsburg.

Adalrich's family originated in the pagus Attoariensis around Dijon in northern Burgundy. In the mid-seventh century they began to be major founders and patrons of monasteries in the region under a duke named Amalgar and his wife Aquilina. They founded a convent at Brégille and an abbey for men at Bèze, installing children in both abbacies. They were succeeded by their third child, Adalrich, who was the father of Adalrich, Duke of Alsace.

Adalrich first enters history as a member of the faction of nobles which invited Childeric II to take the kingship of Neustria and Burgundy in 673 after the death of Chlothar III. He married Berswinda, a relative of Leodegar, the famous Bishop of Autun, whose party he supported in the civil war which followed Childeric's assassination two years later (675).

Adalrich was duke by March 675, when Childeric had granted him honores in Alsace with the title of dux and asked him to transfer some land to the recently founded (c. 662) abbey at Gregoriental on behalf of Abbot Valedio. This grant was most probably the result of his support for Childeric in Burgundy, which had often disputed possession of Alsace with Austrasia. Later writers saw Adalrich as the successor in Alsace of Duke Boniface. After Childeric's assassination, Adalrich threw his support behind Dagobert II for the Austrasian throne.

Adalrich abandoned Leodegar and went over to Ebroin, the mayor of the palace of Neustria, sometime before 677, when he appears as an ally of Theuderic, who granted him the monastery of Bèze. Taking advantage of the assassination of Hector of Provence in 679 to bid for power in Provence, he marched on Lyon but failed to take it and, returning to Alsace, switched his support to the Austrasians once more, only to find himself dispossessed of his lands in Alsace by King Theuderic III, an ally (and puppet) of Ebroin's who had opposed Dagobert in Austrasia since 675, who gave them to the Abbey of Bèze that year (679).

Gift med
Berswinda av Autun, född 645 i Autun, Saône et Loire, Bourgogne, Frankrike, död 689 i Alsace-Champagne, Frankrike. Buried - Mont Sainte-Odile Abbey, Alsace-Champagne, Frankrike.

Adalbert av Alsace, född 665, död 722

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