Adalbert av Alsace
född 665, död 722
Adalbert av Alsace
f. 665
Alsace-Champagne, Frankrike

d. 722
Alsace-Champagne, Frankrike

Hertig av Alsace 690-722

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Adalrich av Alsace

f. 635
Dijon, Côte d'Or, Bourgogne, Frankrike
d. 690-02-20
Alsace-Champagne, Frankrike
Hertig av Alsace 675-690

Berswinda av Autun

f. 645
Autun, Saône et Loire, Bourgogne, Frankrike
d. 689
Alsace-Champagne, Frankrike

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Adalbert av Alsace, född 665 i Alsace-Champagne, Frankrike, död 722 i Alsace-Champagne, Frankrike. Hertig av Alsace 690-722.

Spouses and children:

Married in 688 to Gerlinda ... 670-695

Married in 698 to Ingina ... 680-730 with
M Luitfrid av ALSACE 700-742

Adalbert was the Duke of Alsace, and the second duke of the family of the Etichonids. He was created Count of the Sundgau by his father circa 683.

Adalbert seems to have concentrated his power in northern Alsace (the later Nordgau) around the Diocese of Strasbourg. He founded the convent of Saint Stephen at Strasbourg and installed his daughter Attala as its first abbess. In 722 he established a monastery in honour of the Saint Michael the Archangel on an island in the Rhine north of Strasbourg. This last establishment was co-founded by a group of monks from Ireland led by the first abbot, Benedict. Honau passed to King Theuderic IV on Adalbert's death.

Adalbert's first wife was Gerlinda (perhaps of Aquitaine); his second wife was Ingina, a wealthy woman of Alsace. Adalbert had three daughters: Eugenia, Gundlinda and Attala. The first two entered the nunnery of their aunt Odilia at Hohenburg, where Eugenia eventually succeeded as abbess. Gundlinda was later abbess of Niedermünster. In 845 the Emperor Lothair I confirmed all the charters which Adalbert had granted to his foundation at Strasbourg. Some attribute the daughters to Gerlinda while others attribute them to Ingina.

Adalbert had two sons: Liutfrid and Eberhard. Liutfrid made Eberhard a count as early as the 720s. The sons are consistently attributed to Ingina.

Gift med
Ingina, född 680 i Alsace-Champagne, Frankrike, död 730 i Alsace-Champagne, Frankrike.

Luitfrid av Alsace, född 700, död 742

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