Aemilia Paulla av Aemilii
född -230, död -162
Aemilia Paulla av Aemilii
f. -230
Roma, Lazio, Italien

d. -162
Roma, Lazio, Italien

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Lucius Paullus av Aemilii

f. -260
Roma, Lazio, Italien
d. -216
Battle of Cannae, Puglianello, Benevento, Campania, Italien
Consul of the Roman Republic in 219 and 216 BC

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Aemilia Paulla av Aemilii, född -230 i Roma, Lazio, Italien, död -162 i Roma, Lazio, Italien.

Aemilia Paulla was allegedly of a very mild disposition, but was fiercely loyal to her husband who upset many Senators by challenging the older leaders in their military strategy, and conservative Romans by his adoption of some parts of Greek lifestyle.

The Greek historian Polybius who was living in the household of her brother Lucius Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus for some time, and who almost certainly was an eye-witness, wrote of Aemilia:

"This lady whose name was Aemilia, used to display great magnificence whenever she left her house to take part in the ceremonies that women attend, having participated in the fortune of Scipio when he was at the height of his prosperity. .. For apart from the richness of her own dress and of the decorations of her carriage, all the baskets, cups, and other utensils for the sacrifice were either of gold or silver, and were borne in her train on all such solemn occasions, .. while the number of maids and men-servants in attendance was correspondingly large.

Married to Scipio Africanus av CORNELII -236--183 with
F Africana Major av CORNELII -202--155
F Africana Minor av CORNELII -190--145

Gift med
Scipio Africanus av Cornelii, född -236 i Roma, Lazio, Italien, död -183 i Roma, Lazio, Italien. Consul of the Roman Republic in 205 BC.

Africana Major av Cornelii, född -202, död -155

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