Jakob Jacobsen Ulfeldt, til Kogsbølle og Selsø
född 1567-06-25, död 1630-06-25
Jakob Jacobsen Ulfeldt, til Kogsbølle og Selsø
f. 1567-06-25
Bavelse, Själland
d. 1630-06-25
Nyborg, Fyn
Rikskansler i Danmark, rigsråd

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Knudsen Ulfeldt, til Selsø

f. 1535
d. 1594-10-08
Ulfeldtsholm, Fyn, Danmark
Diplomat & Riksråd (dansk rigsraad)

Ebbesøn Ulfeldt, til Krogsbølle

f. ca 1490 Danmark
d. 1540-07-29 Danmark

f. ca 1476 Kjeldkjær, Bredsten, Vejle, Danmark
d. 1566 Danmark

Jacobsdatter Flemming

f. 1544
d. 1570-11-11

Hermansen Flemming

d. 1544 Danmark

Mogensdatter Juel

f. 1520 Ringkøping, Danmark
d. 1592-09-05 Hundslev, Fyn, Danmark

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Jakob Jacobsen Ulfeldt, til Kogsbølle og Selsø, född 1567-06-25 i Bavelse, Själland, Danmark, död 1630-06-25 i Nyborg, Fyn, Danmark. Rikskansler i Danmark, rigsråd.

Jacob Ulfeldt (1567-1630) was a Danish chancellor of King Christian IV of Denmark, diplomat and explorer.

From 1609 and until his death he was Chancellor of the Realm, taking care of the juridical affairs of the state among them a compilation of the existing law material. However most of his work was concentrated on foreign political affairs in which he supported the active alliance policy of Christian IV as well as a stronger royal power.

He is the son of Jacob Ulfeldt (1535-1593) and Anne Jakobsdatter Flemming. Jacob Ulfeldt had a large number of offspring, Corfitz Ulfeldt (1606-1664), Elsebet Jacobsdatter (?-1676), Knud Ulfeldt (1600-1646), Eiler Ulfeldt (1613-1644), Frands Ulfeldt (1601-1636), Laurids Ulfeldt (1605-1659), Ebbe Ulfeldt (1610-1654) and Flemming Ulfeldt (1607-1657)

He has left a vivid account of his travels in the Holy Land and Egypt, which is still kept at the Danish Royal Library, describing such places and things like, Constantinople, the Colossus of Rhodes, Islands in the Adriatic Sea, Cyprus, Tripoli, Beirut, Sidon, Tyre (Lebanon), Jaffa, Jerusalem, and Cairo including the Giza pyramids and Pyramid of Djoser.

Gift med
Birgitte Lauridsdatter Brockenhaus, född 1580-08-09 i Danmark, död 1656-12-24 i Danmark.

Corfitz Jacobsen Ulfeldt, född 1606-07-10, död 1664-02-20

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