Erik Björnsson
född före 800, död cirka 815
Erik Björnsson
f. före 800

d. ca 815

Kung av Uppsala, Sveakung

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Björn "Järnsida"

f. ca 777
d. 859
Munsö, Ekerö

Ragnar "Lodbrok"

f. ca 740-780
d. ca 840
Kung av Norge och Danmark
Sigurd "Ring" Randversson
f. ca 724 Uppsala
Álfhildr Gandálfsdóttir
f. ca 735 Bohuslän, Alvheim
Aslaug "Kråka"

f. 765 Ringerike, Buskerud, Norge
d. 842 Ringerike, Buskerud, Norge

Sigurd "Fafnisbana" Sigmundsson av Danmark
Brynhild Budlasdatter
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Erik Björnsson, född före 800, död cirka 815. Kung av Uppsala, Sveakung.

Erik Björnsson, Munsöätten

Erik Björnsson was one of the sons of Björn Ironside and a semi-legendary king of Sweden of the House of Munsö, who would have lived in the early 9th century.

One of the few surviving Scandinavian sources that deal with Swedish kings from this time is Hervarar saga. It says: “The sons of Björn Ironside were Eric and Refil. The latter was a warrior-prince and sea-king. King Eric ruled the Swedish Realm after his father, and lived but a short time. Then Eric the son of Refil succeeded to the Kingdom.

Sago Kings is a designation given to kings who are mainly mentioned in works created long after that they reigned, in contrast to kings with more contemporary sources. In some cases these stories also contain some element of myths, but it's a big misinterpretation to call them fictional, mythological or to name them fairy-tale kings. Users who puts such mentioned epithets , just demonstrates their own deficiency when it comes to historical knowledge. This king should just have the suffix "Svea king", or Sveakung, nothing else.


Edmund Eriksson, född cirka 829, död cirka 859

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